Thursday, December 23, 2004

يعنى كان يجرى ايه؟؟

!!مالك يا بشمهندسه النهارده؟ شكلك متضايق
...معلش يا جماعه انا فيه حفله عفارييت بتتنطط قدامى دلوقت .. شويه كده و هكون كويسة سامحونى وفكّرت
يعنى كان جرى اية يا ماما لو كنتى اخذتينى فى حضنك زى ما بتعملى كل مره اجيلك فيها الصبح لما اصحى و أسند عليكى
يعنى كان جرى ايه يا بابا لو مكنتش سألتنى عايزة شاى ولا لأ و ما أنا بقى لى 24 سنة بشرب شاى الصبح معاك .. لأ و ايه عايزاه بلبن ولا ..من غير ؟؟... هو أنا عمرى شربت شاى الصبح من غير لبن يعنى
و لما أسئلك ليه بتسألنى . تقولى يمكن غيرتى رأيك لما كبرتى
!!!!!كبرت مييييييييين اللى قال أنى كبرت على حضن امى و الشاى بلبن بتاع أبويا ؟؟؟
!!!أنا مفيش أعيَّل منى فى الحاجات دى .... قال كبرت قال

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

S h y

(Looking to me with her brown friendly loving cheerful eyes)

- She is a good girl my little Possy, right Bosbos ??

(me trying to hide my self from those eyes hunting me by now , they continued and I escaped out side the room having my cheeks burnt )

-But why doesn't she talk with us, why did she look to me like that, no no ..... She is not like you , I feel she is snob

- (defending me) No, she isn't snob at all , but she is always quite that is it, nothing else
(smiling to backoff the embarrassment away from her)

(that woman shaking her head in a disbelieving, disagreeing way and she continued talking in another subject forgetting the whole thing about me )

oh what a nice kitty , how do you do? wanna play with me, here chase my hands "ha ha didn't catch it try again"...
(going playing with the possy cat forgetting the horrible moments I was in with my mothers friend , her rude staring eyes as if she never sow a girl with her mother before !! And talking to me as if I'm 3 months old not a 9 years girl , that makes me shy, angry of stupid people like That old creepy widow )